About us


We like to think of our brand as a project born from a very personal vintage aesthetic, inspired by a vast array of elements such as film noir females, Art Decó, cocktail bars, rare artifacts found in flea markets, underwater treasures found in the coastline of Girona, old pictures of our grandmothers in their best attire.


Our dresses and accessories embody a vision of life which is both retro and contemporary. We like to design for modern femmes fatales who like to make an entrance. Ladies of all ages and backgrounds who aren’t afraid to make a statement with their looks and who enjoy small eccentricities.

Even though our garments are strongly inspired by vintage corsetry, comfort is one of our core values. So is our commitment to grace our designs with as many practical details as possible. Local employment and sourcing is also another of our main concerns, for we believe in the talent of our artisans. And last but not least, we also care about achieving the best relationship possible between excellency in the making and responsible pricing.


Our company is made in Barcelona but born in Girona. We slowly and lovingly make all of our dresses in Barcelona, working with local seamstresses and sourcing our materials in neighbouring shops, always striving for the most sustainable fabrics available. Although we proudly employ people and resources in the big city, our soul will forever be in the coastline of Girona. For instance, our bridal buttons, made from tiny “sea ears’ and other typical small shells, are collected underwater one by one and sewn by hand to all of our dresses, like a delicate reminder of the enchantment of the Costa Brava.

We hope our creations bring you the best of both worlds and make you feel unique in every way possible.