Dionisia is a voluptuous, sensual dress inspired by the gowns worn by renaissance women. Made from a sumptuously satined rayon fabric, this dress has a regulable back and bra cups, as well as a lateral opening and an elastic band in the back. The sleeves can be easily removed upon preference.

This dress comes in two sizes: M (34 to 40), L (42 to 48).

Sizes XS and XL coming soon. Please contact us here for further information. 

  • blue
  • fuchsia
  • saddle
  • M
  • L
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Más información

Somos un atelier pequeño y por ello nuestros vestidos se hacen por encargo. Para novia, es necesario agendar cita. Para fiesta, tenemos un período de confección y entrega de 3 a 6 semanas. Puede comprarlo online y se lo enviamos a casa o venir a recogerlo en nuestro showroom-jardín si lo prefiere. También ofrecemos la opción de hacer arreglos para ajustarlo perfectamente a su figura (el coste de los arreglos se cobra por separado). Asegúrese de seleccionar esta opción durante el check-out.


Nuestra marca es para todas las mujeres, por ello ofrecemos de la talla 34 a la 60 junto con los arreglos necesarios para que el vestido quede perfecto. Nuestros vestidos de novia son únicos y para asegurar la mejor experiencia sólo los hacemos por encargo.

Para mas información sobre tallas y nuestro servicio de arreglos, consulte nuestra pagina de FAQs.

More information

Because we are a small atelier, this dress is made to order. To order our bridal collection it is necessary to book an appointment. For the evening collection, please allow 3 to 6 weeks for delivery. You can either shop this dress in our online store or pick it up in our showroom if you please! We also offer the option of making arrangements to this dress for an even better fitting (seamstress costs are charged aside). If you wish to do so, please make sure to choose this option during check-out.


Our brand is for all women, that’s why we offer sizes from 34 to 60 as well as the necessary arrangements to make them perfect for you. Our bridal dresses are unique, which is why we only make them by order to ensure the best customer experience. Please check our FAQs page for more information on sizing and seamstress services.